Rotating EarthOn the World Wide Web offers a complete web site for only $149.00 including 1 year of hosting
Now you can afford a web site on the Internet!

Our $249 Web Site Special includes all of the following:

  • Custom web page design (From standard templates- up to 1/4 megabyte of space)
  • Custom background for your web page available (most any color or texture you choose)
  • Scanning service (Three images {logo, pictures, etc.} scanned for your web page)
  • Custom banner design (For the top of your web page & useful for link advertising)
  • Custom web page Counter (You can see how many people visit your web page)
  • E-mail form and/or E-mail link (Web surfers can easily contact you)
  • Hosting of your web page for one full year! (Think of it as a full year of advertising)
  • Listing with over 100 search engines (This is the way people can find your web page easily!)
  • FREE extra web page if you offer your web guests a coupon offer! (BONUS!)
  • Personal Service and Consolation included (To discuss your needs)
  • One low cost includes everything! (No set-up fees, No design fees, and No monthly fees)

All this for only $249.00 (That's less than $1.00 a day!)

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Options for the Web Site Special:

  • Add Secure Order Page $40 setup, $10 per month
  • Additional Pages $99
  • Domain Name Service (ie:   $100 setup + $19.95/month hosting 
  • (Internic Fees are $35 per year. First two years payable in advance)
  • Other options available on request- just ask!

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We offer other services: web page development, banner design, web site creation, web site/site hosting, image scanning, internet consulting, hardware set-up and more!

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